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Are Your Email Habits Damaging Your Career?

2017-07-05T10:28:29+00:00 By |Career, Email|

Your email habits can unintentionally damage your career in many ways, by affecting your productivity, health, work relationships and professional reputation. See if any of the email habits below look familiar and learn how to overcome them with quick, easy and practical solutions. Productivity The problem You’re distracted from focusing on an important project, or urgent issue because [...]

How to Answer the Two Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

2017-07-05T10:28:29+00:00 By |Career, Career Coaching, Job Interview|

“Why do you want to work here?” and “what do you know about this company?” are two of the most common questions you will be asked in a job interview. Use the seven steps below to boost your knowledge and insights about the company, so that you can show the interviewers why you are passionate [...]