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Work-Life Balance Wheel

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Bright Sky HR's Work-Life Balance Wheel is a powerful tool for helping you evaluate your work-life balance and think about ways to improve it. To download a copy for you to use at home, please Click Here.

Contemporary CV Template

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Knowing where to start with writing a new CV is never easy. Have the traditional styles gone out of fashion? What information should you include and what should be left out? Do you include referees or wait to be asked? Our contemporary style CV template takes the guesswork out of writing a CV that is [...]

CV Writing Guide

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There are countless guides available about writing CVs. This one is different because it contains tips based on my experience of reading and shortlisting 1000s of CVs as an internal recruiter. I’m assuming that you know the basics (the importance of good spelling and grammar; different layouts available; the different sections to include, such as [...]