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Welcome to the Resources section of Bright Sky HR’s website. All of the blogs have been created to answer questions I’ve been asked by my coaching clients. If you have a career question you’d like answered, then just let me know.

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Boost Your Career by Understanding Your Strengths

What are strengths? Do you find it hard to talk about what your strengths are? Is it because it’s too embarrassing to sing your own praises (we’re British after all)? Or is it because you’re [...]

7 Podcasts to Enhance Your Career

Listening to podcasts is an easy way to get motivated about your career and learn tips and tactics from experts. The beauty of podcasts is that they are (usually) free and you can multi-task while [...]

A Simple Way to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Do you feel like your work-life balance isn't right but you're not sure what's wrong, or how to improve it? Having balance in our lives is a deeply personal thing; what makes my life feel [...]

Downloadable Resources

Work-Life Balance Wheel

Bright Sky HR's Work-Life Balance Wheel is a powerful tool for helping you evaluate your work-life balance and think about ways to improve it. To download a copy for you to use at home, please Click [...]

Contemporary CV Template

Knowing where to start with writing a new CV is never easy. Have the traditional styles gone out of fashion? What information should you include and what should be left out? Do you include referees [...]

CV Writing Guide

There are countless guides available about writing CVs. This one is different because it contains tips based on my experience of reading and shortlisting 1000s of CVs as an internal recruiter. I’m assuming that you [...]