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Why Career Coaching?

Trying to deal with the career challenges that crop up during your 30s, 40s and 50s can feel overwhelming. Maybe you’re looking to land a more senior role, return to work after kids, find a new path after redundancy, cope with being given leadership responsibilities for the first time, or find a role that gives you flexibility without having to take a step down the career ladder? Perhaps you want to change career completely, or set up on your own but you aren’t sure if this is the right thing to do? These are some of the many career challenges I can help with.

Career coaching gives you time and space to learn more about yourself and work out possible solutions. It can help you identify your strengths, your motivators, your options and nail down the things that are most important to you. I’m a Career Coach who cares about helping you move forward in the best way for you. With dedicated time to talk through your career challenge, we can work together to stop you feeling stuck and confused. You can then move forward with more clarity, confidence and a plan.

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Lizzie Bielicki

Fay is a fantastically positive and enthusiastic career coach who guided me through my job search process from start to finish, and enabled me to land my dream role. From exploring my key strengths to establishing the right..

..career path for me and improving my CV, Fay was brilliant at every stage of the process. Towards the end of my consultation with Fay I was offered two fantastic jobs, in roles I may not have considered without her guidance and encouragement along the way. Fay is a pleasure to work with and great at what she does - I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Carl Lumbard

Reaching a point in my career when I wanted to return to corporate work from consulting and freelancing, I was aware that my CV probably needed updating and adapting. Fay’s clear and professional critique and insights into what the new CV should and..

..should not contain helped me secure the role that I went on to apply for.

Rebecca Deller

Fay delivered an inspiring presentation at Kingston University to the undergraduate students on 'Networking' at the end of last year. As I sat in audience I also felt inspired by her words and insights and as a result now look at Networking in quite a different way.

She is incredibly personable and has a warmth about her that draws you in immediately. I decided to sign up to some coaching with Fay. I found it incredibly helpful having her as a sounding board at a time when I wasn't sure of my next steps. The exercises she gave me as preparation were thought provoking, her positivity and insights she brought to the session left me feeling empowered and clearer what I should do next. As a result it has brought new adventures and a sense of excitement back into my work/life again. Thank you Fay!

Marta Szewczyk

English CV formats and qualifications  are very different to those in Poland. Fay created a CV, highlighting my achievements and explaining the English equivalent of my Polish qualifications. She listened to my concerns about accelerating..

.. my career, suggesting a training course to give me the skills I needed to progress. Fay also recommended recruitment agencies to help find my perfect role. There were countless ways in which she helped my confidence and prepared me for interviews; such as practising interview questions and advising me on what to wear.  I returned to Fay for support and advice once I got the job I was hoping for. She has helped me calm my new-job nerves, prepare for my annual appraisal at work and negotiate flexible working hours when I was pregnant. Her HR expertise was invaluable at helping me understand my maternity rights at work and her recruitment experience was evident when prepping me for my career journey.

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