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HR Support

We believe in the saying; “A company is only as good as the people in it”. Our training courses and consultancy service give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to hire the best possible people, sharpen their skills, help them understand their obligations within employment law and keep them motivated at work. All training and consultancy is customised to your company’s individual needs.


Whether you need our HR expertise on a one-time only or regular basis, we’re here to help. Typical things we’re asked to do include:

  • Develop, revise and implement HR policies and procedures
  • Employee Engagement Strategy (including administering a staff survey)
  • Employee Handbook
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Manage Poor Performance
  • Recruitment
  • Setting pay


We offer tailor-made training on a wide variety of HR and career-related issues. For more information please visit our Training Page or Contact Us

Individual Support

Everybody encounters a bump in the road at some time during their career and having sound HR advice, as well as knowing what you are entitled to can help navigate difficult experiences.

We can help with all aspects of HR enquiries, including negotiating a pay rise, returning to work after extended leave, and preparing for tribunals.

Many of our HR services cross over with Career Coaching, you may like to view the Career Coaching page also.


Offsite Consultancy

Work completed via phone, email, or Skype.
£20 per 15 mins or £80 per hour.

Onsite consultancy

Work completed at your premises
£100 per hour, £300 per half day (3.5 hours), £550 per day (7 hours)

Project work

Please contact us for more information
A price is provided after talking through your requirements with you
I approached Fay asking for help in writing a new CV after applying for jobs and not being selected for interview. What I felt was a complication was that I was changing career, seeking a role in Accounting, rather than Education.

Fay showed me I had skills that I hadn’t mentioned in my previous CV, which should be included. She emphasised the Accounting qualifications I had recently gained and gave my CV a fresh, modern look to help it stand out from other applicants. I used the updated CV (and newfound confidence) to apply for the exact role I was looking for. I was offered an interview immediately and was offered the job.

Jane Coley
Fay is a fantastically positive and enthusiastic career coach who guided me through my job search process from start to finish, and enabled me to land my dream role. From exploring my key strengths to establishing the right career path for me and improving my CV, Fay was brilliant at every stage of the process. Towards the end of my consultation with Fay I was offered two fantastic jobs, in roles I may not have considered without her guidance and encouragement along the way. Fay is a pleasure to work with and great at what she does – I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Lizzie Bielicki
Fay helped me prepare for an interview for a more senior role and a move into an area of HR that I hadn’t worked in before. She was friendly, helpful and ensured I was fully up to date with recent changes in legislation that would directly impact the role I was interviewing for. Having this knowledge helped me feel confident when interviewing and proved to be a key factor in getting the job.
Emily Shelly
Fay’s HR knowledge was invaluable when I needed to prepare for an interview. She realised that the questions I was going to be asked were likely to be connected to the competencies described in the job description for the role. We practised answers I could give to a range of possible questions. This meant that when I was in the interview I felt calm and well prepared and following the interview, I was offered the job. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs help with their career.
Stephanie Sulaman
Having known Fay since my time in recruitment I had no hesitations in asking for support when deciding to change career path. I have been coached by firm but positive reinforcement to make the decisions and changes to make this happen.

Being exceptionally experienced within the HR sector, Fay will provide very sound guidance.

Whether it’s to build confidence, write a professional CV, teach networking skills… Fay will be more than able to guide you. She did just that for me. Thank you Fay!

Kat Haagel
Fay has been a great help in giving me direction and focus and making my ideas measurable. As a result I have gone on to get a job that suits me and my lifestyle – I now have the confidence to plan ahead and think big as I truly now know my worth and what I have to offer. Fay is a positive and effective force! She is inspirational, supportive & motivational in the most endearing way, I would not hesitate to use her again.
Fiona Williams
Fay delivered an inspiring presentation at Kingston University to the undergraduate students on ‘Networking’ at the end of last year. As I sat in audience I also felt inspired by her words and insights and as a result now look at Networking in quite a different way. She is incredibly personable and has a warmth about her that draws you in immediately. I decided to sign up to some coaching with Fay. I found it incredibly helpful having her as a sounding board at a time when I wasn’t sure of my next steps. The exercises she gave me as preparation were thought provoking, her positivity and insights she brought to the session left me feeling empowered and clearer what I should do next. As a result it has brought new adventures and a sense of excitement back into my work/life again. Thank you Fay!
Rebecca Deller