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CV Review & Improve Package

Submitted your CV but aren’t being offered interviews?

Don’t feel your CV is as good as it could be?

Want to feel proud of your CV rather than dreading people asking you to send it to them?

The CV Review & Improve Package will make your CV look more professional and be more targeted, helping you get through to the interview stage of the application process. 

How it works

Book in for an initial 30 min call

After you’ve booked and paid for the package, you can schedule the first call with me (I’ll send you a link that enables you to book a time in my calendar). I work Mon – Fri during the day time and offer one evening appointment each week (usually on a Wednesday). If none of the available times suit you, just send me an email and we can find another time that will work.

When booking your call, there is a short form to complete.

This is to help you explain what types of jobs you are looking for and any particular concerns you have about your CV. It also asks you to attach a copy of your most recent CV.

I call you on the date and time you have booked in for.

This initial call gives you the opportunity to explain any concerns you have about your CV. I will also gain a fuller understanding of your career hopes and your career history. I might ask you to email me some extra information at the end of our call that I think is missing from your CV, so I can add it to your CV for you when we move on to the next stage.

Book in for a 1 hour Skype or Zoom call with me. 

If you don’t have a Skype account, I’d recommend you use Zoom. If you want to use your computer or laptop for our call, you can easily join the Zoom meeting by clicking the link that I send you. If you would prefer to use your phone or computer for the call, there is a Zoom app you can install on an android phone or tablet, and one you can install on an iPhone or iPad.

We have the 1 hour Skype or Zoom call

I call you via Skype or Zoom, open your CV on my computer and share my screen with you. You can see the changes I am making to your CV and I will explain why I am making the changes as they happen. Being on the call together allows me to ask you for information without you having to fill in any long-winded forms or templates. By the end of the call, I will either have completely finished re-writing your CV, or we will be 90% of the way there. There may be some additional information you need to provide before it can be fully completed.

I email you the final copy of your CV

I’ll email you the final copy of your CV within 3 working days of our Skype/Zoom session. It’s important that you are completely satisfied and happy with your CV. So, if you have any further questions about your CV, I’m happy to continue supporting you by email.


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If you’re looking for support that goes beyond your CV, taking you further towards landing your next role, the Interview Coaching Package or Next Job Success Package may be perfect for you.